Get the “FUA”ttahere!

There’s always a hot new video in each country that everybody talks about with their family and friends. With the spread of technology and easier access to the internet, Mexicans can now not only talk smack behind your back, osea chismear, but we can now humiliate you in video with your brilliant pedas. This may be an ancient early 2000’s thing for you friends living in the US and Canada, but not in Mexico. Youtubing any stupid thing you do will now happen on a more consistent basis. Oh, and we will immediately ask if you’ve seen the video online. Believe that.

Like most popular things that become hot online, they can quickly become annoying faster than an ugly kid begging for a photo shoot. But then again, they can also be hilarious. That is why I now present to you the current hot video in Mexico. Don’t let the drunkenness blind you from seeing the legit message.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention that the video is in Spanish. Don’t know Spanish? Dile a Rosetta que te enseñe…

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2 thoughts on “Get the “FUA”ttahere!”

  1. They say that a drunk man speaks a sober mans mind. FFFUUUUAAA!!! I think this man was talking about intestinal fuuuuaaaartitude. I agree with this poor drunk. Society is becoming tragically gutless.

    1. “Fuartitude,” very clever Tom! hehe. This dude has become insanely famous in Mexico. Unfortunately, he is really boring and more annoying as a sober dude 🙁

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