Mosquito Chronicles: Flirtatious Mosquito

I’ve seen many types and kinds of mosquitoes, but I’ve never had one try to flirt with me as it did today. It was carefully gliding in the air as if it were scoping out the landscape in my work area. I didn’t make anything of it because I thought it was a fruit fly. Fruit flies are annoying and inferior to the mosquito, and unless you’re smelling kind of frooty, they leave you alone. Also, killing a fruit fly is like fishing in a barrel–its boring and no fun. Well, this mosquito knew this and took advantage of it. It nonchalantly flew over to my face the way tinker bell would. I was hypnotized long enough for it to gently kiss my nose and fly away. Sorry, but even cute mosquitoes get their brains smashed out. I don’t care how lonely I may be, if you’re not my girlfriend or a cute puppy you’re not allowed to kiss my nose.

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