Do You Have a Dirty House?

Is your house dirty? Do you have your crap scattered everywhere? Has you dinner table become your work-desk? Are there floor stains from last week’s rendezvous? Are you using empty fast-food containers as your dishes? Is your room Mary Poppins’ ultimate nemesis? Then you must be suffering from a severe case of laziness. I know I am.

I’m not quite at baller status yet so I don’t have a personal maid. My house has more space than I need and so by the time I make it to the other end of the house, hell has already broken loose and smeared itself on the floor, walls and dishes. Sometimes, as much as I would like it cleaned up, it’s hard to dig real deep inside me and gather enough motivation to do it myself. So what’s the solution? Invite people over!

Yes, I first thought inviting people over to help me clean was a brilliant idea. Good luck with that. People will talk their smack behind your back so inviting them over to a dirty house will only throw more wood into that fire. Something in my brain switches on when it comes to inviting people over to a dirty house. It kinda freaks out. Like the Terminator, I suddenly start to codify and zone in on the dirty areas of my house, begin to prioritize them based on level of “messiness”and then attack at full force. The end result falls nothing short of impeccable.It’s a win-win situation. You have fun company over and a clean house. Try it, unless you like to socialize in a pigpen.

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1 thought on “Do You Have a Dirty House?”

  1. Wow… so true. And it goes by so much quicker too! Though things do seem to end up thrown in the closet… at least they are out of the way 🙂

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