Cheek Nibbles and Bits

Everyone has a tick or a jitter when they’re stressed out. I used to think I was in control of mine, but it has become very obvious in the office. “Stop eating your face” they tell me. Say what?

I have the bad habit of biting the inside of my cheek. In a weird way, I’m kind of stabbing myself with my wolf-like fangs. If you have ever seen me eat at a carne asada, you would know exactly what I mean. Even dogs stop chewing their bones and stare at me like “dang, this dawg (haha, get it?) must be the alpha”. After a few long hours of nibbling away, I can feel thin layers of cheek skin coming off. OK, maybe I do swallow them, but don’t judge. Most people chew away at their finger nails when they’re stressed out and those finger nails have touched many unclean things and even naughty parts of their bodies…or even worse, of other people’s bodies. I at least brush my teeth 3 times a day and drink more water than your whole family put together, so I’m guaranteed clean and thoroughly cleansed cheek meat during stressful times.

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