Best Time To Be In Manzanillo

It’s this time of year when I realize how fortunate I am to live below the US border. I don’t ask mother nature for too much other than to let my sweat glands relax for as long as possible and to let the dengue kill the mosquitoes first before they get to me (I know, I know, mosquitoes can’t die of dengue…let dreamers dream…*sigh*…).

The only time when I do look at a weather forecast like a fiend is during the rainy season. Our basketball league games get canceled because they’re all outdoors and the tent-like structures built above them only provide shade but do a horrible job of keeping the water from spilling onto the courts. Other than that, I know it’s gonna be hot and sunny with enough humidity to make you sweat in the shower.

Weather wise, this is the best time to be in Manzanillo. There’s no need to even look at the lows of the day. It rarely gets below 69 degrees. Hello Friday!

Friends, while many of you will be freezing your tussies in these winter months up north, remember: Don’t hate Payazaro, hate mother nature.

Much Love,


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