Best Seat On The Bus

Monday through Saturday in order to get to work, I get on a public bus that drops me off at the company bus pick-up location that is 10 minutes down the road. In that short 10 minute ride, I get to see all kinds of people hop on; students, mothers, businessmen, etc. I pay the 6 peso fare, walk all the way to the back and pick the seat that is least vandalized and with the best viewing angle to observe people without appearing too creepy (good thing I don’t have bug eyes!). If you’ve ever sat in a bus and felt like someone was staring at you, yup, that’s me. Though I may seem like a potential stalker, I’m not. I don’t care how interesting or famous you are, I never get off at your stop to follow you. However, just because I don’t get off and follow people doesn’t mean another creepy person won’t (insert whatever creepy music gives you goosebumps).

Call me paranoid, but I’ve never liked the idea of another person sitting behind me and observing me. As flattering as it may seem to have someone from behind stare at you for an indefinite amount of time, it’s a very vulnerable situation and the perfect scenario for the first scene of a homicide movie. That is another reason why I try to sit all the way in the back. If a story about me is gonna be in a movie, I want to be alive to tell it.

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3 thoughts on “Best Seat On The Bus”

  1. I usually sat at the very end when I lived in Seattle too!! There were too many creepers in Seattle but sometimes sitting all the way in the back was scary too. Sitting in the front also had its advantage, you could get off quicker and avoid the person in front of you stare at you while you get off.

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