Apparently We All Have Parasites

I was talking with an uncle and he was asking when was the last time I had deparasited (I don’t even know if that’s a word). He wanted to know if I had taken any medication to get rid of the parasites we develop over time. Never heard of it until I came to Mexico. I’ve heard of people detox and do “cleansing” programs that were all natural like going vegetarian for a bit and drinking tons of water and tea. But actual medication? I was starting to feel like a pet for the criticism I received for potentially having parasites in my tummy.

I didn’t take my uncle seriously until he said we have parasitic worms inside our stomach and intestines that could do some damage. I said, “PROVE IT!” It’s not like he was gonna pull a worm out of his ass but he did say some people do, that’s how bad it can get. The imagery did wonders for me. The source of these parasites can come from anything like poorly washed food, unwashed dirty hands, poorly processed meat, etc. Yet another great benefit of cooking at home!

I was still skeptical. Then he went on to say that even if I’m eating healthy, these parasites could be stealing the vitamins and nutrients I put in my body away from me! Like Pacman, they’re chomping away the good stuff! Oh hell no! It’s on parasites! I don’t even know if it’s true, but this medication exists for a reason. I asked a doctor and he said it’s recommended to do it at least once a year, especially if you’re constantly eating from street vendors and such. I don’t know if I have parasites, but it may explain why I’m skinny all the time. Those suckers may be robbing me of the goods!

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3 thoughts on “Apparently We All Have Parasites”

  1. if people wanna get rid of them completely, change their eating lifestyle and not make dieting a habit. In which i mean, eating healthy food until you die! : )

    but i known you forever and you always been skinny, maybe you been eating pretty well no? lol

    1. Payazaro never diets. The only diet I’ve ever been on was to “beef up” but all it did was make me go to the bathroom more and my body remained the same size 🙁

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