A Pleasure Meeting You

I want to dedicate this post to all the friends I made in college that I STILL stay in contact with today. That includes many of you who read this blog (shout out to my #1 and #2 fans…Ajua!). It’s been over three years since I graduated and as is expected, I begin to interact less and less with those people I used to talk to on a daily basis during those special years in college. Despite not knowing how many of you reading this post will still be in my circleΒ  of friends (virtual or not) in the future, I can’t help but smile knowing that there will come a time when we will cross paths again where I will get the chance to crack a joke with you and make you smile. I may not be able to make your diarrhea go away, but I will make sure you forget that you forgot to pack Pepto-Bismol when you needed it most. Thanks for hosting me in Oaxaca Super Chencha! How about that for a cameo?

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6 thoughts on “A Pleasure Meeting You”

    1. My dear Colombian friend: The promise still stands. When you least expect it I will knock on your door and you will have no other option other than to let me in! πŸ™‚

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