Swine Flu

Mexico’s economy was first hit by the global crisis and people are still struggling with that alone. Then, with the whole narco-trafficking and killings throughout the country, not only was Mexico associated with terrorist countries like Pakistan, but several countries around the world were discouraging their citizens from visiting Mexico, hurting the tourist industry even more. Now, the whole swine flu crisis is slowly crippling Mexico. What the long term effects that will have on Mexico’s economy will be more clear once health experts determine whether or not they can control the flu. So far, it’s not looking good… I will suggest you get a “Payazaro Swine-Free Piggybank” and feed it regularly for me. If things don’t get better in Mexico, I may need it sooner rather than later.

I was thinking about the whole situation today and it really made me think of the movie “I Am Legend” with Will Smith and the whole plot behind finding the cure with a vaccine. Technically, this swine flu situation has not been declared a pandemic, but everyday it’s looking worse and worse. Though people infected with this flu are not becoming vampires or crazy/ugly looking monsters, it is slowly creating more social and global chaos. Others believe it’s another sign of the beginning of the end as mentioned in the Apocalypse. If it is, then this is definitely the least of our worries. One thing is for sure, there will be less kissing and hugging in the world and to do so comes with a risk. HIV (and then later on AIDS) will kill you several years down the road, but in our modern day world, a kiss of death is a reality. So the next time you pucker up and start smooching with that special someone and their breath and lips taste like chlorine, bleach, or antibacterial soap, you know you have someone who loves you.

The Swine flu is no laughing matter, and for some reason, people in Manzanillo are not taking it seriously. For those of you who may be worried about me, I’ll just say that I sneezed seven times today which could either be symptoms of some kind of flu or just another normal seven sneezes I get every single day 🙂

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