Making Payments In Mexico

I have concluded that Mexico sets its citizens up for inefficiency, late payments, and debt. First of all, your common consumer will not have a bank account for many reasons (see my previous post about banks). Secondly, without a bank account, chances are that you will not have a credit card. Without a credit card, you cannot make payments through the internet. Consequently, this requires you to go in person and pay. You show up in person to pay at one of the many designated stores to make a payment only to find out that they can’t process your payment even though you showed up two days from the date your payment is due. Why? Estuped policy! If it’s within two days of the due date, certain utility bills will be charged with a fee unless you go to the main headquarters that are way the hell far away in Zimbabwe somewhere (actually, just a 30 minute bus ride from my house, but still!). Well guess what, you don’t get your bill statement until like two days before it’s due (not always, but most of the time). Is this a conspiracy or just a messed up system? Both!

People are always short on cash (and it’s gotten worse after the recession) and when they go make their payment, they take the exact amount due. So, once they’re informed that they have to pay a “late” fee even though they’re making their payment on time, leaves them unable to make the payment in full until they go back home and get the extra money to cover the fee (which they don’t because times are tough!).

I consider myself pretty astute when it comes to sticking it to the man, but sometimes you’re just doomed. For example, I do have a bank account, debit card, and credit card. I also have on-line accounts with any company I can to avoid the walk-in mess and now frightening swine flu. But even attempting to make your payments on time via the internet is set-up for you to fail. How so Payazaro? Well, “COINCIDENTALLY”, the system is always undergoing maintenance right when people want to make their payments. Ok, so I go and make my payment in person, but guess what, they don’t accept credit cards? Hmmm, what a coincidence. Sometimes I think Mexico takes pride in finishing last…

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