Great cooking my pots will never forget…

So it’s been about a week since my grandmas and family left and the whole time I was indulging in great leftover cooking. Well, today I finally went back to cooking on my own and just witnessed the aftermath of all that cooking. I’ll put it this way, I don’t think even reconstructive surgery will save one of my ladles and at least one pan has a scar and a permanent tan 🙁

Bless my grandmothers’ hearts and their cooking, but for some reason, maintaining their pots, pans and cooking utensils in good shape is difficult to do. Who can blame them. They come from humble backgrounds where owning a stove with an oven is a privilege and blessing. Living in the US where most stoves are electrical (as opposed to gas run) made me take my stove for granted. In Mexico, just because you have a stove, doesn’t mean you can cook. You need the gas tank and the matches. I still remember my grandmother waiting to make her canela (cinnamon tea) because she couldn’t find the matches to light the stove and she did not want to wake me up. I felt real bad for not telling her that all she had to do was press the electrical button on the stove (that brings a spark to all the burners) and release the gas of whatever burner she wanted to use. She was amazed! Technology can sometimes limit the creativity and craftsmanship of an artist, or in this case, of a great cook and it was definitely cramping my grandma’s style 🙂

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