Coaching kids in Mexico

So I just got back from my city league basketball game and I always get reminded of how crudely honest or blunt coaches are with their players. I can never take my coach serious when he turns to me and yells, “Hijo de la chingada! Pasa el pinche balón pendejo! Chingada Madre!”. I’m not even gonna translate that. Even non-Spanish speakers can feel the love of those words. And no matter what I do he’ll still yell and swear. I can dunk the ball from the half-court line over the entire defense and he’ll still yell, “Vez? Vez Pendejo? Tenías a tu compañero abierto en la esquina!” (translation: “You see! You see dumb ass! You had your teammate wide open on the corner!”). But I’m not a kid and those words don’t faze me.

There’s this coach in particular that is in charge of the kid’s city league team. He runs the program so maybe that’s why he gets away with it. But he talks to these kids like if he gave birth to them and they owe him the price and gift of life. “Hijo de la chingada, te voy a partir tu pinche madre!” What trips me out is that he’ll do this in front of their parents! I definitely feel like a gringo for reacting like this… This would definitely not fly in the US and I love it 🙂

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