Has anyone seen the Virgin Mary lately?

It’s been quite some time since the Virgin Mary has made an apparition and I’m getting a little impatient. I’ve been in Mexico for almost 2 years and nothing. She has not miraculously appeared on a tree, a window, not even on a tortilla and I see a lot of those on a daily basis!

Growing up I always heard stories about the Virgin appearing in the most random places. I looked forward to the time where she would appear to me. But to this day, nada. Have I sinned too much? Must I hang around more Mexicans in Mexico? Is it because I did not throw rice out the window on new year’s? (I know, random, but don’t tell my mom because it’s supposed to be good luck).

After studying Latin American history, I quickly learned there are several versions of the Virgin Mary being prayed to each and every day. So I ask myself this, if I do get blessed with an apparition, how will I know which Virgin Mary it is? Has she too evolved with our technological advances to the point where she can suddenly pop up in the middle of my email as I’m reading it? I think I’m slowly starting to freak myself out…

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2 thoughts on “Has anyone seen the Virgin Mary lately?”

  1. Just read tonight online where Jesus appeared in a frying pan left on the stove. I am quite sure we will hear more of this and the Jesus world tour..

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