The Famous Self-Portrait On Facebook

Do you take pictures of yourself in the bathroom? Seriously? how conceited! Do you not have any friends to take a picture of you? Or do you play dress up, get yourself all dolled-up, take a picture of yourself and then get back into your jammies? Maybe you were so marveled by that figure of yours staring back at you in the mirror that you forgot to turn off the flash. Don’t be boring is a motto I take seriously. OK, fine, maybe you aren’t being boring (it’s certainly entertaining for me). But you most definitely were bored to take that picture. Some of you are even making weird facial expressions. Don’t know if you’re in pain or half-way to an orgasm. Sexy can’t be forced. Real sexy is candid.

Now this girl though, I think she’s more confused than I am. I don’t know whether to be sad or concerned for her. Girl, if you don’t know what to think please don’t leave it up to me. You’re not even looking at the mirror which is definitely 100 times bigger and with better resolution than that phone camera you’re holding. But I guess that’s the world we live in right now. Real life looks much better in a electronic device.

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