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So it’s been a while since I’ve been in any classroom and had any knowledge dropped on me. I moved to Mexico to get international business experience and there has been plenty of that. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about my income. The global economic recession has affected everyone and I think those who have appreciated this the most are the indigenous tribes who have finally been left alone from crazy tourists who do not have enough money to travel and invade their communities.

I applied and got accepted to 2 Masters in International Business programs in Madrid and London. The next logical step was to tap into any scholarships out there, but so far no luck. I have been very fortunate and never had to take a loan out during my undergraduate years and figured investing in my future via a masters program would be worth it. Afterall, all you have to do is apply right? Nope.

This whole student loan situation has made the idea of obtaining a masters almost impossible. International student loan organizations have cut off their loan programs due to the economic crisis. Even if you have a US cosigner, banks and lending organizations are hesitant to provide a student loan to an international student like myself who is studying outside the US. Mexican banks are a horrible option for funding your academic dreams. Their interest rate is ridiculously high and the payments must be made the first month after you touch the money. That’s not all, because I’m young and not financially well off, they requested I put up my parent’s house as collateral. As much as that may make sense, they are estuped and I’m not foolish. I read the fine print of their loan agreement and terms, and somewhere in there it stated something about selling my soul to the Narcos and prostituting my precious tooshy in order to make the payments. No gracias.

The program in London at HULT’s International Business School looks like the right fit for me, but I informed the school that I would not be able to enroll because of lack of funds. They proposed providing an institutional loan to cover a good portion of my costs. The total amount is still unknown as the proposal is under review. Why is this important in Payazaro’s current state of affairs? Well, after I had made a decision that I would not be going to school this fall, I decided to do a summer backpacking trip to Central America and am currently in Nicaragua with family 🙂

I haven’t been here for long, but there have already been several adventures and many experiences that Payazaro must share. But now that school has come back into the picture, it is possible that I may have to cut my trip short and visit la migra at the UK embassy pretty soon. It’s a little tough to think about your future when your face is being stuffed with orgasmic food, meeting another set of hundreds of aunts, cousins, uncles, and being educated about your family history. More of that, yet to come. Stay tuned…

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