Just Like the Word “Ain’t”, Spanglish Is More Than Popular

You know, growing up I was told that “ain’t” was not a word. Why? Because it was not in the dictionary. A few years later, the word was incorporated into many dictionaries (although prefaced with “nonstandard English”). Apparently, once a word becomes commonly used by society, it receives the forced blessing of dictionary and language scholars. As much as people may resist, the same thing is happening with Spanglish.

It’s going to take some time before most Spanglish words and phrases become part of the accepted English/Spanish dictionary. However, it is still VERY important to know how to speak or write the proper words or phrases in their respective languages! For example, ebonics may help you understand your homie in the inner city streets of LA, but you won’t get away with it in college and you especially will get ridiculed once you step out of the US borders. Trust me 🙂 Knowing when and how to use both can be beneficial.

I find this topic very interesting and therefore have created its own special section on this website. I provide examples of Spanglish words and phrases and want to make it a venue for anything related to Spanglish. You can find the section by clicking on the following link: www.payazaro.com/spanglish.

I don’t consider myself an English or Spanish scholar, but I am making an effort to understand what the proper uses of both are and when their use will benefit me the greatest.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Comments are always welcome 🙂

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