Sick? Walk. It. Off.

I have lived without health insurance for most of my life so I’ve become accustomed to walking “it” off. “It” can be a biotch sometimes when “it” doesn’t go away or when “it” really needs medical attention. Fortunately, I had health insurance the few times I needed stitches and that pleasurable root-canal (never again Mrs. Dentist!).

When it comes to the common cold or flu, I think the whole idea of “mind over matter” works to a certain extent. Too many people get accustomed to seeking medical advice when in reality they just want the drugs. Didn’t they pay attention during D.A.R.E. classes in elementary school? Just because medical drugs are legal doesn’t mean you should put them in your body.

Getting babied by your mother or that special someone in your life can also prolong whatever the hell is wrong with you. Yes it’s wonderful to get pampered with homemade chicken soup and even having your belly rubbed until you fall asleep. But what happens when you live alone or live with someone who would rather not get near you? “It” is no longer a common cold. “It” is a tragedy. Everything feels worse, the restroom couldn’t be further away, and the idea of an adult diaper never sounded better. When you live alone (like me) you learn to deal with “it” over time like a hangover that lasts several days.

I guess I have become desensitized and learned to deal with the common cold and flu like left over pizza that’s been in the fridge for a questionable amount of days but still choosing to eat it. I was that guy who showed up to social events with a fever and endless sniffles. What can I say, I like to live on the wild side. Then one day someone said to me, “maybe you can deal with it like a champ, but do you realize you could be getting other people sick?” Damn. You. Way to put society’s health concerns on my shoulders.

That person is right though. You really shouldn’t be out mingling with people when you could still be contagious. It all comes back full circle. Alone at home with no one to rub my tummy 🙁  Walking it off alone was never part of the plan! Good thing I already made arrangements to travel this week.

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