Payazaro’s Mother’s Day

May 10th, el día de las madres. A special day for all of Mexico. Today we celebrate the important women that impacted our lives for the better. If you had a mami like mine growing up, she rubbed your tummy when you got sick and if you ever fell and hurt yourself she would say “sana, sana, colita de rana”. There could be blood gushing everywhere, but it didn’t matter because the blessings of some mysterious frog’s ass somehow made everything better.

I am thankful to have a mother like the one I have. I owe my sense of humor to her. She’s always joking, laughing and is blessed with a great smile. My dad is a lot more serious and if I had emulated him more while growing up, I’d definitely be an introvert, polite, and a soon-to-be pastor.

Mother’s day is more important to my mom than her birthday, and even then, she never expects any gifts or attention. Every mother’s day she would always tell us (her kids), “just wash the dishes that is all I ask of you…” If you know me, like she does, then you know that’s a lot to ask. Dirty dishes are my nemesis. Though I am not at home with you, mom, I dedicate to you the hour or so worth of dirty dishes that await me when I get home. I let them pile up just for this occasion. I will do them wearing the same genuine and beautiful smile you have shared with me throughout my life.

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3 thoughts on “Payazaro’s Mother’s Day”

  1. Not only would my mom say ‘sana sana’ but yell at us with love for tripping! Hahaha. But you’re right, she would always heal us with love and care no mater how much blood was involved. I will never forget those moments. Although I’m all grown up, she still had a packed lunch ready for me before I ran out of the house to work :).

  2. And we know how important education was for her too….and how she took to heart that if you, and your sister, prepared yourself well, things would work out just fine – and it seems they did. Commendable all the way around..

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