Orgasmic Birth

Ladies, but most importantly, gentlemen. I’m about to highlight a secret that women have kept from men for far too long. This secret was kept from most of society so well, that a lot of women have not even heard about it yet. Well, they at least don’t admit to knowing about it when I bring it up.

For the married men, or any man for that matter, that has gotten crap from the wifey or your “baby’s momma” for the “pain” you supposedly caused her during birth labor, feel guilty no more. For you ladies that dread what the future holds for you once you decide to give birth to your own children, fear no more. What are you talking about Payazaro? Calm down people, don’t get antsy pantsy on me, I’m about to tell you.

All this time women have demeaned men’s ability to endure pain because “nothing compares to the pain of giving birth.” In no way am I saying that women are weaker. That is a different topic and discussion. But what I have discovered is that giving birth can be pleasurable, actually, orgasmic to be exact. What?! That is correct, you can reread the previous sentence if you want, it was not a typo.

No, I have not given birth and therefore cannot give you my first-hand experience. But these women can:

Once again, women win. Not only do they orgasm during birth, but it is the perfect opportunity to get drugged legally while doing it (“give me the drugs doctor!”). This might be the first time I wish I were a woman…

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