NBA Centers

OK, help me understand why big, tall, talented, “BASKETBALL” centers are horrible at shooting free-throws? They get paid millions of dollars to do flashy dunks, all-star plays, win championships, but yet, they can’t make free-throws. They’re like giraffes that starve to death in a forest filled with short trees. Seriously!

I’m watching the NBA finals and Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard is a dominant, powerful, dunking, mean looking center. He’s the kind of man that if he’s coming down the lane towards the hoop, you move out of the way! But if you want to beat him, do it literally. Pound him, put him on the line. Make him shoot free-throws. He’s so tall he looks eye to eye with the rim that is 10 feet from the ground. Yet, he can’t make his free-throws. That is plain sad and pathetic. Did I mention he makes millions of dollars?!

And don’t get me started on Shaquille O’Neal. He get’s paid one dollar for every free-throw missed. That’s how he became a millionaire…

PS. Lakers’ center Pau Gasol looks like Lord of the Rings’ Gollum

Pau Gasol

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