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I wasn’t gonna jump on the bandwagon and talk about MJ because we all know how special the man was to the music industry and pop culture. Given my tendency to “poke fun” at people, as much as I would like to make a joke about him, I still think it’s a bit too early to do that. Maybe I should wait until he’s buried…

What I can contribute to the conversationĀ about Michael Jackson that not too many people are talking about is the cause of his trauma and the negative self-image and views he had about his looks, but more specifically, his nose. Some even argue that he was traumatized. One thing is clear, he could not make up his mind or never could settle with just one nose. The issue regarding his skin tone was ridiculous, and I’m talking about the public outrage. Just as people consider it socially acceptable and “cool” to get a tan, why do we have to hate on someone who does the exact opposite? I’m all about challenging social norms and if Mike wanted to do it that way for whatever reason, more power to him.

But going back to MJ’s negative self-image. Where did it stem from? How did it get to the point where it influenced all of the plastic surgery he got throughout his life? He was such a talented and inspiring man, and as much of a “god” as people made him out to be, he was just like the rest of us subject to the same potential traumas of child-hood name calling. I read on the NY Times that MJ’s dad used to call him “big nose” throughout his childhood. Is it a coincidence that his first encounter with plastic surgery had to do with his nose? Maybe. Michael was sensitive. I never met him personally, but any grown man that will spend millions of dollars to create a fantasy land called “Neverland” for kids not only has a soft side, but a sensitive one too.

We don’t always know when name calling or when a joke goes too far. One thing is for sure: if you have a strong support group at home where your natural-born attributes and characteristics are embraced with pride and seen with beauty, negative self views of any physical characteristics can be prevented. I’m sure MJ’s dad was a great father, I’m not debating that. I am also not blaming MJ’s father for the “Michael Jackson Phenomenon,” but if what I’ve read about the way he treated Mike growing up is true, I hope he feels some of the responsibility and blame for the issues MJ had to deal with throughout his life.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson”

  1. His dad was a jackass…that’s no secret!! He was NOT a great father by any stretch of the imagination!! He’s HIGHLY responsible for how F-ed up all his kids are.

  2. His dad wasn’t sad at all, he loved getting the media attention after MJ’s death. I saw $$ signs in his eyes in the interviews. According to South Park, it takes 23 years before something serious can be funny… but MJ wasn’t taken seriously…The Jefferson’s episode was one of my all time favorites, making fun of MJ was too easy. Laz u need to make a follow up post and poke fun at MJ!

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