Left Hangin’ on Facebook

OK, we’re all thinking it but nobody is saying it, so I will. If I ever write something on your Facebook wall and you don’t respond I will defriend you. No, that’s not “a little extreme”. Some people think that you’re not friends in real life if you’re not friends on Facebook, and my action to defriend you will honor that. Real friends respond. Period.

Or what, are you just adding friends to be a cool cat in a virtual world that feels so real? OK, we’ll see what happens at your funeral with your 1,239 Facebook “friends”. Maybe your mom can set up 1,239 computer screens with the mug shot of all your so called Facebook friends. But guess what? My pretty Latino face won’t be there! Or what, are you collecting friends like a kid collects Pokemon cards? You gotta “catch ’em all”? As an adult, that is weak sauce.

Some of you have even blocked or removed the option to write on your wall! Pretty smooth, but that doesn’t keep me from letting you know that I want to talk to you. But Nooooooo, not even a private message gets you to respond. The least you can do is poke me back! I may be super sensitive, but like my little cousin says, you’re a jerkmuffin.

And don’t act like you haven’t been on Facebook in a while and therefore haven’t seen my message. There’s a thing called news-feed on my homepage and it tells me everything you do on Facebook. It’s like stalker-mode on autopilot watching your every move. It even notified me of the uploaded picture where you got wasted and took a dump in your neighbor’s yard with your recent comment of “please delete this picture!”. Again, pretty smooth…

So, in summary, don’t be surprised if I suddenly show up on your side bar as a suggested friend you should add. You may click “add friend” to re-add me, but I may not respond to your friend request. Maybe then you’ll know how it feels…you jerkmuffin.

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6 thoughts on “Left Hangin’ on Facebook”

  1. True that true that! That’s why I only accept people I already know. I almost feel like defriending some for not keeping in touch for a long time. I don’t believe that it’s not official until you’re fb friends and I don’t agree that you should add every person who requests to be your friend either. People think that the more fb friends you have the more cool or popular you are. Lol! That’s just hilarious!!

    1. The best thing about adding people regardless of who they are is for networking purposes. However, if they don’t respond to your facebook message, I guess the network is as false and non-existent as your friendship with them.

  2. I agree fb is a good way to network with people. You never know when someone can help you with something.. But i do hate when people delete the option to write in their wall.. Is like if you want to become completely private then delete your account that way people will not know about you.. Agh!! Anyways till then i will see you on fb..
    Cuidate muchacho

  3. Funny, I just reviewed our friendship, you know the new thing on fb that allows you to see your history with a particular friend, yeah well on half of the post walls I left you, you never responded cabr–

    I’m a friend. Are you? 🙂

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