It’s Happening…

I thought it was just random but I was wrong. Every once in a while I get an itch on my back and scratch away. Sometimes, on the same spot where the itch came from, I find what I thought to be a loose and fallen hair from my head. I slowly brushed it a couple of times with my fingers and all I did was change the direction it was pointing. Upon closer look, I realized it was actually connected to my back! Very uncharacteristic of a true Latino lover. No biggie right? But then I get an itch on the other side of my back and stumble onto another lonely hair begging to be yanked. What the hell? Is this the precursor to a mid-life crisis? Are these random hairs a result of unwarranted stress? Am I still undergoing the last stages of puberty? Have I pissed off a random Aztec god I don’t know about?

I don’t find it a coincidence that I recently celebrated a birthday. Is this what happens when you age? If so, ladies beware, I hear it happens to you too. I can handle a few random hairs on a woman’s back, but once the mustache starts kicking in, that settles her birthday or X-mas present (whichever comes first).

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1 thought on “It’s Happening…”

  1. Theres explanations for it homie. It could be that your testosterone levels are increasing or increased due to increased physical fitness. They say that people finalize puberty at the latest in the mid-20s so perhaps you are correct. Or perhaps you pissed someone off… The latter option seems more probable.

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