How do YOU eat M&Ms?

I think everyone has a way they eat M&Ms. Some grab a handful and stuff them all in their mouth at once, others first let them melt in their hands or eat them one by one.

I had no idea my “method” of eating this delicious candy would get me in trouble with my now fiancée. You see I eat M&Ms by pouring them all out on the table. I eat all the brown M&Ms first and then proceed to eat whichever color there are the most of until all colors have an equal amount. Then I will eat them in groups, well, I eat certain colors within the groups first – red, then orange, and then blue, yellow and green however I grab them first.

My fiancée asked why in the world I do this. Specifically he asked, “why do I eat all the brown ones first?” Instead of saying something like “because they look the most like real chocolate,” or “because they are my favorites,” I proceed to tell him “the brown ones are the ugly ones.” A perfectly innocent response until I looked up into his big brown eyes and tanned skin… Whoops… I mean… Uh… Um… Uh… Shoot!!

He burst into laughter after making a comment about why I had to racialize my M&M consumption… At least I was off the hook from my seemingly OCD behavior. Needless to say, I still eat the brown ones first, but now because they are the sexy ones 🙂

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