Homey The Clown Comeback

One of the first TV shows I ever watched in the US was In Living Color. Classic sketch comedy with comedians before they hit their prime (Jim Carrey, Tommy Davidson, Damon Wayans, Jamie Foxx, even Jennifer Lopez with the Fly Girls). In Living Color wasn’t necessarily a kids show, but even a kid could appreciate the physical comedy and the sketches were short enough for the limited attention span.

One of my favorite characters was Homey D. Clown. What made Homey special was that he kept it real at all times. He made you face the elephant in the room that nobody wanted to talk about. He represented the elephant in the room embodied in the form of a clown just to show you how foolish YOU were. He was like a mirror reflecting your absurdity. Then, after dragging you out of your fantasy land and back to reality, he sealed the lesson into your long term memory with a smack on the head with his stuffed sock. Society is need of more people like Homey. I’m desperately waiting for his comeback…

In case you forgot or were never acquainted with Homey D. Clown, I have included one of my favorite sketches. Enjoy!

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