A Great Motivational Video

You know, sometimes it’s very difficult to find motivation or inspiration in the midst of a recession, bankruptcy, breakup, surgery, depression…the list goes on forever.

Many people also don’t realize that famous and very successful people were at some point normal human beings like the rest of us. As a matter of fact, it was the constant stimuli and reminder of failure that fueled their endless drive to find success. For example… (press play)

Many people will try to dismiss the success stories in that video as “exceptions” or “rare events”. In my opinion, that’s just a very sly and socially accepted way of justifying complacency or conformism. Why wait for the late night TV news or media to highlight your success story? There are more people living the good life than there are famous actors, professional athletes, or other stars that we see on TV. I could write a dissertation on this but will limit myself to these brief thoughts and hope you found some inspiration in this short video as well.

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