Finals Week

For all my peeps undergoing finals week, good luck. It’s been about two years  since I last had a final and I definitely don’t miss them. For some reason, the more there is to do and study during finals week, the more we procrastinate, surf facebook, read blogs like this, and chat on line. And we do it frantically.

As stressfull as this week can be, it can be the most rewarding. Savor those long conversations you have with your friends at 5 in the morning in the library, whether its debating the affair the librarian is having with the campus security dude or political liberalism.

If it’s your first all-nighter, don’t fret. Just turn your face to the window and you will see a drunken graduating senior with his/her pants down mooning the hell out of you to remind you that life is waiting for you outside those doors.

If’ you’re hungry, it’s OK, the beer fairy is on it’s way to alleviate your empty stomach.

If the fairy somehow forgot about you, somewhere inside that stack of books is that food for thought that will feed you for ages. Be patient my dear grass hoppers, the end is almost near…

Good luck,


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