Cuaresma & Semana Santa

It’s that time of year again where people’s sacrifices are put to the test. Cuaresma aka “Lent” and Semana Santa, which is the combination of Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter, all are coming to an end one week from today (Sunday).

For all my spiritual and religious peeps out there, don’t be hypocrites and partake in this practice and then go back to your heathen lifestyles after it’s over. You think God is a game? That this event is like a game show that you can participate in and once it’s over you can go home and forget about it. If that’s the case, maybe God does step back and say, “Well, I think I’ll answer Eric’s prayer today, but I’m just gonna sit back and will get back to him later…”

I don’t care how many Easter eggs you find, if you get a stenchy rotten one, you probably deserve it. And I hope you eat it. I’m tired of people using this spiritual, sacred, and religious practice as an excuse to temporarily “cleanse” their bad habits and vices only to return to them one week from this Monday. Ok, maybe I’m a little upset that some friends won’t drink with me because they gave it up for Lent and aren’t doing other things that aren’t probably healthy for them, but this is not about me. I at least acknowledge my hypocrisy, move forward and embrace whatever consequences that may result.

My beef is more with the people that feel like they have to meet a quota of days of repentance and confession before they can go back to being the messed up individuals that they are. And I am not only talking about Catholics. Oh, and giving up strip clubs for Lent does not count. That’s like giving up cigarettes for cocaine…ok, maybe not, but the point is that you at least should challenge yourself with things that matter. Now that I think about it, giving up strip clubs will do some men a little good 🙂

For those that partake in this event and practice the intended purpose of Lent, my question to you is: Assuming that you are a believer of Christ (or else, not only are you a hypocrite but an idiot), why stop the intended spiritual balance, devotion, and consciousness of your faith after Easter Sunday?

Food for thought…

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