Cara De Fuchi

I dedicate this post to all the people around the world who always remind me that life could be worse. People that don’t realize that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. Do you not realize that there are people who pay thousands of dollars to inject botox into their face to reverse the effects of all of the crazy creases you are intentionally creating? To you my friends, I pay my respects and therefore revere you with the title of “cara de fuchi.”

What is cara de fuchi? I’m glad you asked. Well, let me break it down by taking a look at the word fuchi. No, it is not martial arts (though martial arts tend to bring out caras de fuchi as people are busting their crazy moves), and it doesn’t have anything to do with Asians so don’t get confused by its pronunciation. Fuchi is what you say when you step on dog dooky, look down at what used to be all white shoes and say, “fuchi.Fuchi is what you think when your brother calls you over to where he is standing, only to realize that he only called you over to smell his fart while he says, “nerrrr’mind.” Fuchi is plain and simply anything that can describe something gross or unpleasant.

Cara de” literally means “face of” so if you have a cara de fuchi, connect two and two together and you got yourself a priceless face. To see what I mean, take a look at Exhibit A:

Cara De Fuchi 1

Classic Cara De Fuchi

It is what many people in the US call an “ugly mug.” All kids tend to express this face on a daily basis. I don’t consider the face of a child screaming and yelling and busting his/her tantrum as a cara de fuchi. On the contrary, that’s a cara de hijo de la chingada (translation: face of son of a…shut yo mouth!). A child’s cara de fuchi is even better. Not only are they mad-dogging you, but they’re almost kinda cute. To see what I mean, take a look at Exhibit B:

Cara De Fuchi 2

Cara De Fuchi 2

That is my little sister and she literally stood there for hours with that face right between me and the TV. A little creepy but very amusing.

There are many other faces and contexts where the famous cara de fuchi will come out. Some are even born with it and have to live with it their whole lives! Whenever you witness it and happen to have a camera, please capture the moment and send it to me 🙂 I’m serious. My email is in my “about me” page and I would like to make a future post with the “Top Ten Caras De Fuchi” with short and juicy descriptions. I look forward to opening my email account 🙂

Much Love,


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  1. JAJAJAJAJAJA…OMG I could not stop laughing when I saw cara de fuchi2…one day when she is old enough to hate you…she will ALWAYS give you the cara de fuchi…hahahahahahahaha.

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